Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kick your stove to the curb

I really did this one and here is the photo to show you. I spent my entire stay in the leaning towner without a stove. I had to dig deep into my well of culinary creativity to thrive, just as you can.
Kick your stove out!
By kicking your stove out you are helping yourself to be healthier. First you will not be challenged with having to ever cook food again. No more slave to a stove! As you know too much cooked food is not good for you anyway. By having no stove you will have to update your kitchen.
At Sun Fire Food we call this getting your kitchen into the 21st century. Get a juicer, a blender,a food processor, a citrus juicer and a dehydrator. Now put your culinary creativty to work. you can make pies,even cakes, crackers,soups, salads- you know that a greed salad a day keeps disease away, juices, and what ever you can imagine.
What ever cooked foods you crave or desire- simple make them raw and fresh. Go visit your local herb shop- get some new spices and herbs for your dressings and salads. Stretch you culinary imagination.
The looks i received when i kick my stove out was priceless. All my neighbors were in shock! After the immeidate shock wore off they all were jockeing for the stove. They did not get the picture. What about you? What would you prefer you on fire or your food?
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Dr Aris Latham

My Friend and I. Aris is one of the world's top African Raw, Vegan,fresh food culinary master.
Stay tuned, we are about to light Sun Fire Foods. Please join us on our journey.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

you eat what your are

You are not what you eat!

We have heard the saying you are what you eat. In many ways we are what we eat, but more specifically we eat what we are. After we eat something its basically becomes us. On each level possible: mental, physical, emotional and psychological what we consume becomes who and what we become. If we really want to be free from disease we must began to look at our plates and what we put in our mouths. Our taste buds are designed for sweet, salty, sour and bitter flavors. Most foods we eat are actually some combination of these flavors. These natural flavors can be cooked or fresh.

When they are cooked they are mostly cooked out of the food. So our taste buds are actually not as alive from this. When heating food, the flavors rise and basically leave the foods. With fresh food the flavors are alive and within the foods. The nutrients are more in tack with the fresh version of the food. If you want to become healthier take a look at the food and its form as you consume it. After consuming the food take notice and see if you do not become that food energetically. It has been said that if one eats fish, when they sleep they might flip and flop- toss and turn. If one eats cow’s milk they may want to sit around all the time. These examples can go and on and on. So take a look at your food choices and remember what you eat you become.

Consider SEX

Now that I have your attention...

If you want to look good, feel good and have more energy. Consider SEX.

S is for sleep. Without enough rest and sleep (6 to 10 hours) one remains tired. Have you ever felt like you just did not get enough rest, but your day must go on and the day drags on and on and you are in the days most of the day? This is a clear example that one is not getting enough rest and sleep. Getting enough rest and sleep allows for one to be well rested. A well rested person is more able to do what needs to be done with energy and enthusiasm. It has been documented that stress is the silent energy drainer. Get enough sleep and reduce your distress levels.

Exercise. The body needs fitness everyday and fitness can not be stored. What you do today is great for today. Come tomorrow you will need another dose of heath promoting exercise. I recommend a 6- to 15 minute program called isorobics. If you can not get an isorobics program I would encourage you to do so. This program is simple and convenient to do right a home. This program allows for you to stretch, strengthen and to do cardio right at home before you shower in the morning. Wow! How convenient is that? If you do not have the isorobics programs consider walking and/or joining the local gym. Create good stress in your life by way of exercise everyday and your life will be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Extracurricular activities- is something one does outside one's regular work, responsibilities, or routine. Find and develop a hobby that you can get completely engaged in. By finding and engaging in a pleasurable activity one is able to balance out the other areas of their life. Get a lifelong hobby!

See Sex is not a bad thing. Start taking care of you by getting enough sleep. During sleep one is able to become fully rested and a full rested person is able to perform with greater concentration and energy. Exercise. The best known stress reducer to man is sweat. Sweat everyday and watch stress melt away and performance improve. Get an isorobics program of join a gym or take a walk in nature—move! Finally fine an extracurricular hobby that excites you and creates joy in your life.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Heart Gift

This beautiful Heart came from my friend Tamara Unger in Sonoma California. She is a well know hand built ceramics artist. We did some work on her hands and they have turned yellow. When their site is up, I'll pass it on. Do a Google search for some of her work. Thank you Tamara. I love my heart and yours too. Love and light to you. Happy heart journeys to all.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The funniest thing happen to me the other day. I went in the Asian market picking up some baby coconuts.
While looking around at all the things there- I found this Sea Veggie call Kombu. I called around and asked
a few question from some who are well versed in things like Kombucha.

Kombucha is a very popular drink that is cultured for 30 days. That means it is fermented and filled with active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and polypherols. It is called an elixir that works to restore the balance and vitality of the body. It also is known to support digestion, metabolism, immune system, control appetite, liver function, body alkalinity, anti-aging, cell integrity and healthy skin and hair. wow what a list!

I had two interviews about kombucha that i would like to share. One was with Aris Latham- The God Father of RAw food Movement. The interview was so short- i went into shock. He said- "it is fermented rotten food".period. Fermented and rotten. case closed. Wow! My head was spinning, because I have read all the things I listed above and to hear this was a big shock. The reason any one heals is not from what they eat but basically from what they are no longer eating. The nutrition in the food matter a lot as well, but basically it is what we leave out that leads to our greatest healing. What our body's thrive on is fresh raw organic sun fired foods.

The second interview was a little better. The Little Japanese woman said- when i was young we used to have Kombu tea. Wow! Kombu tea a Japan Tradition. Interested I said, what was it made of? she said- soaked kombu leaves. Soaked kombu leaves from the sea? yes the same kombu you see in the photo. She said the tea was made fresh and some times stored for future use. How did it taste? Like the ocean. The taste was like drinking ocean water, but the benefits were great as well. Her parents said it was good for her health to drink and they made her drink it often.

so I wonder- where in the world did the kombucha that is now so popular come from? I am thinking that the kombu was stored in some type of barrel and over time the with in the barrel there was a left over culture( a fermented rotten substance) that is now used as a standard to make the kombucha on the market today. That is my thinking. The kombu started as a simple ocean drink and got turned into a fermented drink over time as it moved further away from it original source.

Try for yourself- make a kombu tea. soak some kombu for 10 minutes in some water and add a little sweet if that is your thing. let me know what you think.

From my experience only foods filled with sun energy can rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, replenish and regenerate the body along with rest, sleep, proper hydration and other organic factors.

Enjoy your kombu cha.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Home with Sushi

This little sushi nori roll is a home run. Nori is one of the sea vegetables that are filled with good nutrient for our bodies. The sushi roll is filled inside with nut meat- cashew based, cucumbers, avocado and wrapped in green love. yummy. Dip in organic soy sauce and chow down. I bet you can not eat just one bite. This is one of the options available for those seeking to consume more mineral rich foods without it being worms or flesh. This simple dish is the sea made eatable. Expand your possibilities- try some homemade sushi.
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Blue Crunch Pie

This little blue delight is filled with blue berries- yummy.
crust is a balanced combination of soaked oats, cashews and dates.
Next layer is blue berries pudding followed with fresh whole blue berries and dehydrated nuts on top.
wow! Nice Blue Treat.
Have this pie with a blue berry smothie and you'll be in blue heaven. Enjoy the blue inside you.
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Eats from the deep sea

This link is a visual of some of the creatures that live in the ocean. These creatures are busy doing their lives just as we are doing our lives except they are under the water. Eat from the sea and see how you move,think, feel, react, smell,taste, sleep,and be. I am sitting here in Maui right in the ocean waiting for one of those water guys to come and visit. Enjoy the video.
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The talk of calcium is an ongoing debate that I would like to share a few thoughts on. Calcium is an essential mineral that we need in our body. I always share that we have two types of calcium inorganic and organic. Our body is more comfortable consuming the organic calcium. It is easy to absorb and good for us- cal see yum. The inorganic is in organic in other words, not good for us. Try eating one of those calcium capsules. yuck. Our body can not digest and assimilate the inorganic substance. Pretty simple. Eat natural organic sources of calcium.

Calcium is essential for our bones and teeth. If we have soft bones in our body it is likely we have some sort of mineral deficiency. Calcium is in the family of other very important minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride and potassium. Calcium along with these other minerals plays a role in our skeleton, body fluid balance and enzymatic reactions.

Calcium can be found in most green leafy veggies like in the photo. You can also fine calcium in see weeds, watercress, parsley and my favorite kale. I like the dinosaur kale which is high in not only calcium but other minerals and vitamins. The most vital nutrient is Sun. The greens are stored sun energy. Get a bunch of kale and cut it up into small pieces, add a little onion, and tomato, maybe throw some corn in, your favorite spice, some orange or lemon juice and enjoy.

How do you know you are mineral deficient? Do the frown test. Eat some of these veggies and see. If you eat some sea vegetables like nori or kelp for example, and you frown than you need more minerals. This is the frown test. Most of us are deficient because we do not eat enough greens. Do a quick survey of what you ate in past 72 hours and see for yourself. Eat more greens and build your mineral reserves up. Your energy level will be more stable. The red in the chard on this picture shows that this food is potentially good for the blood. Eat greens! And feel delightful!
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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Did you know that crustaceans: lobsters, crabs, shrimp, crawfish are scavengers who eat anything and they have the ability to tighten their stomachs? They are considered water insects who were one of the first evolutionary creatures to have legs that attach to their thorax. They were first eaten by human because of their hard shell which composed of protein and calcium. Well now we know there are several several vegetable options containing high levels of calcium and protein.

These creatures eat themselves as they grow. They actually eat their own skeleton in order to absorb their calcium which is used to grow another skeleton. These little guys are either crawling on the ocean floor or swimming backward- doing the backstroke.

It has been known that eating these foods are good for the brain. This brain food is created from the protein- an amino acid, in the seafood called tyrosine which breaks up to form dopamine and nor epinephrine. These powerful natural chemicals stimulate and energize the brain chemistry.

These slowing moving, toxic scavengers, some times referred to as worms are also known to affect ones neck and back areas after being eaten. Check you attitude and your body the next time you eat a shrimp... are you stiff? How do you sleep? Curled up? Do you flip and flap- toss and turn all night? What do you smell like?

It has been suggested that by eating these foods we take on their characteristics. Hum something to ponder. We not only become what we eat- but we eat what we become. So the next time you are craving sea food remember where it has come from and its possible affect on your psyche and physical body. Look at them- what do they say to you?
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Tennis edge!

Stretch your shoulders— improve your game!

Quick stretch for Tennis players

This one internal and external shoulder stretch can add life to your game. Hold your elbows even with your shoulders. Keeping your elbows even with shoulders, gently rotate your hands downward or inward. Hold each stretch for two seconds do 8 to 10 repetitions. Now with your elbows even with your shoulders, rotate your palms up ward. Again hold for two seconds and do eight to ten repetitions.

The internal and external shoulder stretch is a simple stretch designed to move the muscles that are used during all tennis hitting movements. Every movement using the shoulders involves these muscles.

By deliberate and specifically stretching the rotator muscles of the shoulder, one is increasing the blood to these vital shoulder muscles. An increase in blood to the shoulders is enough to prevent injury and create greater possibility for more power during play.

Consider adding pre-stretching and post stretching for your whole body to your workout and play. The increase of blood flow and flexibility is a great benefit all away around for your health and your game.
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Sea Urchin

The sea covers over 72% of the earth’s surface. This oceanic presence shares the same chemical properties as the liquid portion of our blood. The salty, alkaline environment of our blood is the same as the ocean. Wow! So inside each of us is an ocean. The ocean of our blood has a profound effect on our health and well being.

There are two types of waters- salt and fresh. Salt water is from the big ocean and it vibrates like our blood stream; and fresh water which vibrates with our lymph system. The combination of these two affect water entities affects our immune system.

From the ocean we receive large portion of our foods. We get sea algae’s or seaweeds and other type of sea creatures- fish, lobsters, shrimp etc. when we eat these foods they influence our not only our blood, but our immune and lymphatic systems as well.

Did you know that eating large amount of sea vegetables (algae) could help balance respiratory problems? The high concentration of chlorophyll potentially enhances the respiratory function and regulates water balance in the body.

When you are craving seafood, consider eating some sea veggies. The desire you are craving is for the taste of the ocean and not necessarily the creatures of the ocean. Sea veggies are filled with the ocean flavor with out the energetic effects of eating a fish or crustacean.

Go to you local health for store and look for some sea veggies. There are several type of sea weeds: hiziki, kombu, wakame, alaria, arame, sea palm, dulse, agar irish moss and red laver nori. Try a few of these in your salads or by themselves.
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pasta that water sucking flower

Pasta is wheat and a concentrated starch. I remember when I first got this fact. I was training for a marathon and I need my carbohydrates. I enrolled and eat pasta every night along with a beer. After a while, I noticed that my energy was about the same, but my bowel movements were very dry. Although I was eating pasta with sauce, vegetables and salad with some bread, I never got that this product is basically flour and that the bread was the same as the pasta, a dry non moist food. Hum. Our bodies are composed of 70 to 80% water and our brain is composed of 70 to 90% water. Hum. What I am saying is to consume more water rich foods in your life. There are many types of grains: rice, whole wheat, wheat gluten, barley, rye, oats, corn, millet, buckwheat, quinoa to name a few. All of these foods are considered grasses and are good for energy. They are better consumed after being soaked, versus cooked. Cooking them produces a large amount of starch. This starch is what accumulates in our bodies. This excess starch in our bodies accumulates in our joints (ankles, knees, hands, fingers, hips, back etc) and leads to low energy, arthritis, and other diseases. Enjoy your starches with a salad and include some digestive enzymes. This dish is a plantain with curry, green salad and carrot salad. yummy.
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

R-E-D Meat

The red food that does not grow on trees. I read the other day that there are 150,000to 200,000 edible foods. We only consume 150 to 200. Wow! we have a way to go with our food choices.
Take a look at this photo. What do you see? what do you not see?

Every time I look at something like this i think of how it got there and what it took to get there? To me there is no right or wrong - but to your body there are laws and when those laws are violated the result is some form of disease. When we consume meat it has the tendency to sit in us just as it is sitting in this display. Sometimes up to days sitting in our colon. This is what leads to gas and foul smells from our bodies.

Do some research to see if dead flesh looks that red.

Ask your colon how challenging it is to digest meat. We all have freedom to choose how we feed our bodies and respect you. Just wanted to share if you do eat meat remember to eat your salad and take some digestive enzymes.

I am off to see if i can fine a new edible food.
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Red Power!

With Summer almost here, now is a great time to eat some red power- watermelon. I love eating melon because I can drink less water or juice. This melon has spinkles of dulse. Dulse is a sea vegetable that is loaded with minerals which our bodies need. I've always believed that red foods- fresh and raw red foods are good for the blood. Remember to get melon in your body, but eat it alone. the sugar melons are so simple that eating melon with anything else will give you gas. Happy New moon!- Red Moon. Cheers!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching with

My Dear Friend Linda Sticco of

We are all unique and have unique needs especially when it comes to our health and fitness. Linda has developed a system of coaching designed to assist clients on a new level to address all areas of life that affect ones well being:mental, physical,emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

She gets to the heart of the matter- yours!

Weather is it nutritional, activity, environmental or taking a deeper inspirational journey inside yourself. This lifestyle coaching is for those seeking to de-stress, who are ready to be more pro-active and prepared to do what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, to control bad habits, and develop the lifestyle desired more instead of less of the time.

The 12 week one-on one program includes nutritional hand outs and simple daily exercises that can be done right at home. This exclusive program can take place at her location in PA or on the phone right in the convenience of your home. There's plenty of support via emails, faxes, snail mail and other new media. Wow. If you are looking for a lifestyle fitness coaching experience that will support you in the direction of your desires, visit her site of call 866.559.2787.

Are you ready for the change your desire?

The investment for this 12-week life changing fitness coaching is $850.00. Go ahead make the changes you desire. I am holding the intention with you.

Green Bean and corn

This wonderful creation of sliced green beans and corn is to use on top of my mixed greens.
Get some green beans and slice them,two ears of corn and cut of the kernels, add onion,tomato, carrots
olive oil, dulse-a sea mineral, pinch of sea salt and love. Cut up a handful of mixed greens and place green beans and corn on top
and enjoy.
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Monday, June 11, 2007

OJ for the day!

Try OJ for the day! or at least to start your day. Fresh squeezed OJ is filled with nutrients (liquid sunshine) that are not only good for you but taste good. Stay away from those prepackaged juices. They have been cooked- flashed pasteurized and have little to no nutrients. Try a fresh glass of juice and see what your taste buds have to say about it. Go to your local department store and get a citrus juicer for under $10.00 and get started. Happy juicing... your body will be happy!
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

You are a miracle!

Did you you know that our heart beats 100,000 beats per day!
4,000,000 beats per year- 3 billion beats in a lifetime of 60 to 70 years
Pumps 2 gallons of blood per minute and over 100 Gallons per hour!
We have over 60,000 miles of ducts- tubes that blood runs through
that is about twice around the earth.
The heart only equals 3% of the body's total mass
every 20 to 60 seconds a complete revolution takes place
in our life time there are 75,000 to 250,000 round trips.
all the blood in our body lined up would spread out over 30,000 miles
In one second we lose and gain 3,000,000 blood cells. 1 second!
there are over 100,000 chemical reaction that take place each second-
our body is composed of 70 to 100 trillion cells... Trillion Cells!
Our DNA can reach the sun and back 150 times- to the sun!
In case you forgot that you are a miracle this is your reminder!
These activities take place in us without much help from us. this is the
gift to us for just being alive. Give gratitude for your being- you are a miracle.
What do you think?

Heart Stretch!

Go for it! Stretch open your Chest- Open your heart for you.
As a Stretching coach, I am well aware of the number of people dieing from
heart attacks. Let the love flow through you! This simple stretch is designed
to assist you to open yourself to more love and greater possibilities.
Place your hands together in front of you. Spread them as far back as possible.
Hold for 2 seconds and exhale. Do five of these and watch how your heart shows
you love.
This simple stretch and others will be available soon in my up coming stretching for
sport,health and wellness book. Stay tuned.
Go ahead open up your heart-to you.
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Orange Bliss 3

Wow! Orange Mango Bliss

This is the finished product. Yummy! So alive with
Nuts- protein, Mexican mangos loaded with organic sugar - energy and berries- antioxidants
topped with coconut flakes and Love.
I am off for some pie...

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Orange Bliss 2

Add Mango Slices to pie crust... Create filling with dates and berries... yummy
Spread around... make smooth
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Orange Bliss 1

Mango Pie- Orange Bliss Step one... this pie is one of my favorites. make the crust out of
nuts and dates. place in pan and prepare for
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Purple pleasure

Yummmy! This purple delight was for lunch today. Give it a try.
Purple cabbage with home made salsa greens and avacados. yummy.
Feel alive eat Purple.
Find this and many other raw treats in upcoming Sun fired Foods raw/fresh cookbook.
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