Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kick your stove to the curb

I really did this one and here is the photo to show you. I spent my entire stay in the leaning towner without a stove. I had to dig deep into my well of culinary creativity to thrive, just as you can.
Kick your stove out!
By kicking your stove out you are helping yourself to be healthier. First you will not be challenged with having to ever cook food again. No more slave to a stove! As you know too much cooked food is not good for you anyway. By having no stove you will have to update your kitchen.
At Sun Fire Food we call this getting your kitchen into the 21st century. Get a juicer, a blender,a food processor, a citrus juicer and a dehydrator. Now put your culinary creativty to work. you can make pies,even cakes, crackers,soups, salads- you know that a greed salad a day keeps disease away, juices, and what ever you can imagine.
What ever cooked foods you crave or desire- simple make them raw and fresh. Go visit your local herb shop- get some new spices and herbs for your dressings and salads. Stretch you culinary imagination.
The looks i received when i kick my stove out was priceless. All my neighbors were in shock! After the immeidate shock wore off they all were jockeing for the stove. They did not get the picture. What about you? What would you prefer you on fire or your food?
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katty said...

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