Monday, July 9, 2007

Consider SEX

Now that I have your attention...

If you want to look good, feel good and have more energy. Consider SEX.

S is for sleep. Without enough rest and sleep (6 to 10 hours) one remains tired. Have you ever felt like you just did not get enough rest, but your day must go on and the day drags on and on and you are in the days most of the day? This is a clear example that one is not getting enough rest and sleep. Getting enough rest and sleep allows for one to be well rested. A well rested person is more able to do what needs to be done with energy and enthusiasm. It has been documented that stress is the silent energy drainer. Get enough sleep and reduce your distress levels.

Exercise. The body needs fitness everyday and fitness can not be stored. What you do today is great for today. Come tomorrow you will need another dose of heath promoting exercise. I recommend a 6- to 15 minute program called isorobics. If you can not get an isorobics program I would encourage you to do so. This program is simple and convenient to do right a home. This program allows for you to stretch, strengthen and to do cardio right at home before you shower in the morning. Wow! How convenient is that? If you do not have the isorobics programs consider walking and/or joining the local gym. Create good stress in your life by way of exercise everyday and your life will be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Extracurricular activities- is something one does outside one's regular work, responsibilities, or routine. Find and develop a hobby that you can get completely engaged in. By finding and engaging in a pleasurable activity one is able to balance out the other areas of their life. Get a lifelong hobby!

See Sex is not a bad thing. Start taking care of you by getting enough sleep. During sleep one is able to become fully rested and a full rested person is able to perform with greater concentration and energy. Exercise. The best known stress reducer to man is sweat. Sweat everyday and watch stress melt away and performance improve. Get an isorobics program of join a gym or take a walk in nature—move! Finally fine an extracurricular hobby that excites you and creates joy in your life.

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