Saturday, June 9, 2007

You are a miracle!

Did you you know that our heart beats 100,000 beats per day!
4,000,000 beats per year- 3 billion beats in a lifetime of 60 to 70 years
Pumps 2 gallons of blood per minute and over 100 Gallons per hour!
We have over 60,000 miles of ducts- tubes that blood runs through
that is about twice around the earth.
The heart only equals 3% of the body's total mass
every 20 to 60 seconds a complete revolution takes place
in our life time there are 75,000 to 250,000 round trips.
all the blood in our body lined up would spread out over 30,000 miles
In one second we lose and gain 3,000,000 blood cells. 1 second!
there are over 100,000 chemical reaction that take place each second-
our body is composed of 70 to 100 trillion cells... Trillion Cells!
Our DNA can reach the sun and back 150 times- to the sun!
In case you forgot that you are a miracle this is your reminder!
These activities take place in us without much help from us. this is the
gift to us for just being alive. Give gratitude for your being- you are a miracle.
What do you think?

Heart Stretch!

Go for it! Stretch open your Chest- Open your heart for you.
As a Stretching coach, I am well aware of the number of people dieing from
heart attacks. Let the love flow through you! This simple stretch is designed
to assist you to open yourself to more love and greater possibilities.
Place your hands together in front of you. Spread them as far back as possible.
Hold for 2 seconds and exhale. Do five of these and watch how your heart shows
you love.
This simple stretch and others will be available soon in my up coming stretching for
sport,health and wellness book. Stay tuned.
Go ahead open up your heart-to you.
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Orange Bliss 3

Wow! Orange Mango Bliss

This is the finished product. Yummy! So alive with
Nuts- protein, Mexican mangos loaded with organic sugar - energy and berries- antioxidants
topped with coconut flakes and Love.
I am off for some pie...

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Orange Bliss 2

Add Mango Slices to pie crust... Create filling with dates and berries... yummy
Spread around... make smooth
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Orange Bliss 1

Mango Pie- Orange Bliss Step one... this pie is one of my favorites. make the crust out of
nuts and dates. place in pan and prepare for
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Purple pleasure

Yummmy! This purple delight was for lunch today. Give it a try.
Purple cabbage with home made salsa greens and avacados. yummy.
Feel alive eat Purple.
Find this and many other raw treats in upcoming Sun fired Foods raw/fresh cookbook.
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