Monday, December 19, 2011

So you want to Jump Higher and Run Faster?

I wonder if you realize the benefits you'll get when you hire me as your personal coach!
"Coach Selby was able to help me with my knee problems when no one else could. After I had surgery on my knee my doctor told me I might make it through one more season and that if I wanted to be able to walk when I turned 40 that I should stop playing basketball. I am now entering my 3rd post surgery season of NCAA division I college basketball, and with each season that passes my leg continues to get stronger. I plan to play professionally after college, but that would not be a possibility for me if it was not for the help of coach and his programs." ~B.H. 

 Are your ready to get better? If yes than complete these questions and we'll talk. Are you the one who is ready to get better?

I am reviewing the answers of these questions and will pick 8 people to work with for a few weeks.