Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Immortal Check-in

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Immortal Reflection
Have you checked in lately?

The other day, I was asked Why am I an immortal?

Answer: I love life and being an expression of life. The human body is the highest form of divine expression. I am inspired to be here.

I went on to share, that as an immortal, the pressure of life is eliminated and replaced with joy and infinite patience. The more I practice spiritual purification the more I come to realize what a gift it is to be alive and that I am choosing to live forever.

I have become completely aware that my life and happiness is determined not by some external situation.  My inner reality has grown into a garden of beautiful flowers, instead of a dump yard. This may sound like the new age talk going around, but for me the difference is in accepting my immortality- my divine nature– and doing the practices to support my decision.

What is your Intention for today?

Each day I ask what is my goal for today. Answer: To live in peace with my immortal consciousness. What I really want from each day is to completely align with my divine creative nature as an immortal being. To live in deeper and deeper love and less and less fear and to feel at peace on a cellular level is my intention. I desire each cell vibrating at the speed of love.


I would rather be happy with my life than trying to prove myself right about our immortal nature to others. However, As a way-shower, I commit to be of service, to assist others to see themselves in a different light.
Here’s what I always ask:

What do you want? Are you ready to be immortal yet?

Immortality is always beginning never ending. When there is no conflict, then there can be new possibilities.
I am opening myself and holding space for others to get rid of fear about death and dying. Stop buying into death!  If you check in with your real self you will see and feel that there is nothing to fear.
Turn down the music and hear your Inner voice speak.

The reason that one is afraid is that they stopped listening to their inner voice. Not listening resulted in forgetting the innate divine immortal nature.

Decide for yourself today that you want to be happy and immortal. To listen to your deep inner voice- you know the one that guides you and supports and nourishes you? Listen to that voice and do what you are told. You never know, you just might wind up not only happy but immortal as well.

You immortality is certain, the only thing that remains is your willingness to claim your immortal birthright everyday with your thoughts, and with the practices.

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