Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sea Urchin

The sea covers over 72% of the earth’s surface. This oceanic presence shares the same chemical properties as the liquid portion of our blood. The salty, alkaline environment of our blood is the same as the ocean. Wow! So inside each of us is an ocean. The ocean of our blood has a profound effect on our health and well being.

There are two types of waters- salt and fresh. Salt water is from the big ocean and it vibrates like our blood stream; and fresh water which vibrates with our lymph system. The combination of these two affect water entities affects our immune system.

From the ocean we receive large portion of our foods. We get sea algae’s or seaweeds and other type of sea creatures- fish, lobsters, shrimp etc. when we eat these foods they influence our not only our blood, but our immune and lymphatic systems as well.

Did you know that eating large amount of sea vegetables (algae) could help balance respiratory problems? The high concentration of chlorophyll potentially enhances the respiratory function and regulates water balance in the body.

When you are craving seafood, consider eating some sea veggies. The desire you are craving is for the taste of the ocean and not necessarily the creatures of the ocean. Sea veggies are filled with the ocean flavor with out the energetic effects of eating a fish or crustacean.

Go to you local health for store and look for some sea veggies. There are several type of sea weeds: hiziki, kombu, wakame, alaria, arame, sea palm, dulse, agar irish moss and red laver nori. Try a few of these in your salads or by themselves.
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