Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching with LSfitness.com

My Dear Friend Linda Sticco of LSfitness.com

We are all unique and have unique needs especially when it comes to our health and fitness. Linda has developed a system of coaching designed to assist clients on a new level to address all areas of life that affect ones well being:mental, physical,emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

She gets to the heart of the matter- yours!

Weather is it nutritional, activity, environmental or taking a deeper inspirational journey inside yourself. This lifestyle coaching is for those seeking to de-stress, who are ready to be more pro-active and prepared to do what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, to control bad habits, and develop the lifestyle desired more instead of less of the time.

The 12 week one-on one program includes nutritional hand outs and simple daily exercises that can be done right at home. This exclusive program can take place at her location in PA or on the phone right in the convenience of your home. There's plenty of support via emails, faxes, snail mail and other new media. Wow. If you are looking for a lifestyle fitness coaching experience that will support you in the direction of your desires, visit her site of call 866.559.2787.

Are you ready for the change your desire?

The investment for this 12-week life changing fitness coaching is $850.00. Go ahead make the changes you desire. I am holding the intention with you.

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