Monday, June 11, 2007

OJ for the day!

Try OJ for the day! or at least to start your day. Fresh squeezed OJ is filled with nutrients (liquid sunshine) that are not only good for you but taste good. Stay away from those prepackaged juices. They have been cooked- flashed pasteurized and have little to no nutrients. Try a fresh glass of juice and see what your taste buds have to say about it. Go to your local department store and get a citrus juicer for under $10.00 and get started. Happy juicing... your body will be happy!
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Maui Babe said...

oh! And I recommend the Ugly Oranges. Their flavor is superior, by far. I love mixing an orange juice and coconut water love-bliss cocktail! It's all I ever drink anymore...
Thanx for saving my life.