Saturday, June 16, 2007


Did you know that crustaceans: lobsters, crabs, shrimp, crawfish are scavengers who eat anything and they have the ability to tighten their stomachs? They are considered water insects who were one of the first evolutionary creatures to have legs that attach to their thorax. They were first eaten by human because of their hard shell which composed of protein and calcium. Well now we know there are several several vegetable options containing high levels of calcium and protein.

These creatures eat themselves as they grow. They actually eat their own skeleton in order to absorb their calcium which is used to grow another skeleton. These little guys are either crawling on the ocean floor or swimming backward- doing the backstroke.

It has been known that eating these foods are good for the brain. This brain food is created from the protein- an amino acid, in the seafood called tyrosine which breaks up to form dopamine and nor epinephrine. These powerful natural chemicals stimulate and energize the brain chemistry.

These slowing moving, toxic scavengers, some times referred to as worms are also known to affect ones neck and back areas after being eaten. Check you attitude and your body the next time you eat a shrimp... are you stiff? How do you sleep? Curled up? Do you flip and flap- toss and turn all night? What do you smell like?

It has been suggested that by eating these foods we take on their characteristics. Hum something to ponder. We not only become what we eat- but we eat what we become. So the next time you are craving sea food remember where it has come from and its possible affect on your psyche and physical body. Look at them- what do they say to you?
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