Monday, June 18, 2007


The talk of calcium is an ongoing debate that I would like to share a few thoughts on. Calcium is an essential mineral that we need in our body. I always share that we have two types of calcium inorganic and organic. Our body is more comfortable consuming the organic calcium. It is easy to absorb and good for us- cal see yum. The inorganic is in organic in other words, not good for us. Try eating one of those calcium capsules. yuck. Our body can not digest and assimilate the inorganic substance. Pretty simple. Eat natural organic sources of calcium.

Calcium is essential for our bones and teeth. If we have soft bones in our body it is likely we have some sort of mineral deficiency. Calcium is in the family of other very important minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride and potassium. Calcium along with these other minerals plays a role in our skeleton, body fluid balance and enzymatic reactions.

Calcium can be found in most green leafy veggies like in the photo. You can also fine calcium in see weeds, watercress, parsley and my favorite kale. I like the dinosaur kale which is high in not only calcium but other minerals and vitamins. The most vital nutrient is Sun. The greens are stored sun energy. Get a bunch of kale and cut it up into small pieces, add a little onion, and tomato, maybe throw some corn in, your favorite spice, some orange or lemon juice and enjoy.

How do you know you are mineral deficient? Do the frown test. Eat some of these veggies and see. If you eat some sea vegetables like nori or kelp for example, and you frown than you need more minerals. This is the frown test. Most of us are deficient because we do not eat enough greens. Do a quick survey of what you ate in past 72 hours and see for yourself. Eat more greens and build your mineral reserves up. Your energy level will be more stable. The red in the chard on this picture shows that this food is potentially good for the blood. Eat greens! And feel delightful!
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