Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The funniest thing happen to me the other day. I went in the Asian market picking up some baby coconuts.
While looking around at all the things there- I found this Sea Veggie call Kombu. I called around and asked
a few question from some who are well versed in things like Kombucha.

Kombucha is a very popular drink that is cultured for 30 days. That means it is fermented and filled with active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and polypherols. It is called an elixir that works to restore the balance and vitality of the body. It also is known to support digestion, metabolism, immune system, control appetite, liver function, body alkalinity, anti-aging, cell integrity and healthy skin and hair. wow what a list!

I had two interviews about kombucha that i would like to share. One was with Aris Latham- The God Father of RAw food Movement. The interview was so short- i went into shock. He said- "it is fermented rotten food".period. Fermented and rotten. case closed. Wow! My head was spinning, because I have read all the things I listed above and to hear this was a big shock. The reason any one heals is not from what they eat but basically from what they are no longer eating. The nutrition in the food matter a lot as well, but basically it is what we leave out that leads to our greatest healing. What our body's thrive on is fresh raw organic sun fired foods.

The second interview was a little better. The Little Japanese woman said- when i was young we used to have Kombu tea. Wow! Kombu tea a Japan Tradition. Interested I said, what was it made of? she said- soaked kombu leaves. Soaked kombu leaves from the sea? yes the same kombu you see in the photo. She said the tea was made fresh and some times stored for future use. How did it taste? Like the ocean. The taste was like drinking ocean water, but the benefits were great as well. Her parents said it was good for her health to drink and they made her drink it often.

so I wonder- where in the world did the kombucha that is now so popular come from? I am thinking that the kombu was stored in some type of barrel and over time the with in the barrel there was a left over culture( a fermented rotten substance) that is now used as a standard to make the kombucha on the market today. That is my thinking. The kombu started as a simple ocean drink and got turned into a fermented drink over time as it moved further away from it original source.

Try for yourself- make a kombu tea. soak some kombu for 10 minutes in some water and add a little sweet if that is your thing. let me know what you think.

From my experience only foods filled with sun energy can rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, replenish and regenerate the body along with rest, sleep, proper hydration and other organic factors.

Enjoy your kombu cha.
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