Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Philiadelpia Freedom reaches Maui

Message from Two Black Men  in Paradise

What a wonderful life!

As a black man in America I have felt at times that it was not okay to be here and to be me.  I have healed this belief of shame and guilt to know that I am the light of the world. I am innocent. I am safe and I am here in this colored hued body to up lift not only the people in this hue but all of humanity.  We are really just spiritual beings having a human experience. 

These young black men are removed from the concrete jungles of urban living and are here in Maui with nature.  They are connecting with their soul and the universe.  This is wonderful to know and support. With the black population quickly becoming less, I hope that we all begin to awaken to our inner power as divine beings.  We need to align not only with the reality of our race and the relations that come with it, but also with the deep inner realms of our spiritual nature as souls. 

I experienced some excitement while recording this video of two young men who woke up to a truth that we are all entitled to know: Their own Divine Nature.  I salute them and send light and love to them as they travel their path and support them in their growth.


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Thank you for your visit and comment. After reading your hub page, I was inspired to share. I look forward to more great hubs from you.