Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love being choosey about my thoughts how about you?

I have created this list of thoughts from my selection of reading that I review as I move through life on my path. Take what fits with you.

   •    I Give my life to God, Spirit, the Force today.
   •    Let me not think thoughts that hurt me.
   •    Father Today I am your son.
   •    Be in my mind, my Father, Through the day.
   •    Salvation is a promise- Through peace.
   •    I go to the holy Place and spend a while together-- sacred silence.
   •    Father- Spirit- I will but remember you.
   •    Now will I seek and find the peace of God.
   •    Everything has consciousness
   •    Love which created me is what I am.
   •    God has condemned me not, no more do I.
   •    My home awaits me. I am there now.
   •    I am safe right now. All is well Now.
   •    Perception is my greatest wisdom.
   •    God is my father, and His Son Loves Him.
   •    My Self is ruler of the universe.  The son of God is my Identity
   •    I am in need of nothing but the truth.
   •    I see all my needs are met.
   •    Think without thoughts- words without words.
   •    I am Immortal.

These are some great thoughts to consider as you move along in your life. Substitute the name God with whatever you feel most comfortable with, just know that there is a greater power and you are composed of it as a divine being.

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